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American Legion Recovers Rare Relic

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Lynn McGinnis and Mike Baldwin

Lynn McGinnis and Mike Baldwin

A pedestal was recovered that dates back to the American Legion Hall when it was located at the corner of Fairway and Rosemont avenues in Montrose/La Crescenta. It was thought to have been carried away when the flood of New Year’s Day in 1934 swept through the hall killing several people.

At approximately midnight, as families and revelers slept or celebrated, the rains which had fallen throughout the day on Dec. 31, 1933 combined with 700,000 cubic yards of soil to descend upon La Crescenta in a catastrophe that took around 30 lives (records differ on the exact death toll).

Calvin Shutts

Calvin Shutts

Debris flowed freely from the canyons overlooking the foothills depositing their contents onto a community of 400-500 homes. Close to 300 homes were damaged or destroyed in the process.

In memory of the victims of the flood, a memorial was erected at the corner of Rosemont and Fairway avenues.

Calvin Shutts refinished the pedestal recently and it was discovered that it was the only legion officer’s station to be recovered after the flood. It is on display at the American Legion Hall located at 4011 La Crescenta Ave., La Crescenta.

Photos provided by Mike BALDWIN

Choice 1 Pedestal choice 2 Seal choice 3 Signage

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